Everyone Needs A Break Sometimes


The time has come to give The Splinter Generation a break. We could not be more proud of the work of our authors, our editors, and our readers.

Likely, this break will be permanent. But we have one more surprise coming down the pike. Stay tuned!. »

The Death of Adam: A Kaddish


Adam is dead and I eat Greek yogurt in my office between classes.
Adam is dead and I reply to emails requesting recommendations.
I purchase Iron and Wine tickets for their November show on South Beach.
I buy Band of Horses’s “The Funeral” off iTunes and Adam is. »

Experiments in Revision, Final Reflections


by Niki Selken
You know how it feels to write or make a first draft of something, then rework it until it shines like the top of Chrysler Building? You know how you kind of want to burn that first draft, so that no one will. »

Forever, or Whatever


Poetry by Elaina M. Ellis


Can a free-write about marriage be free or is it an oxymoron?
Marriage begs payment: pay for the husband to take the woman (cow)
off the hands of. »

Broken men were her specialty


Poetry by Janette Kim Larson

oblique sermon in the strip mall
man dressed up as pizza
arms restrained beneath
such lust. »

Experiments in Revision, Part 4

Lisa McCool-Grime
Senior Poetry Editor
Synthesis: This is not so much an act of combining as it is an act of harmonizing. Which parts of the previous drafts have shown themselves. »

The Cantos


I hear Ezra Pound croaked
without making a sound.
No last rasp as his crooked
legs crashed. I hear your aunt
passed. I apologize. “I am nothing
but bereft for her.” This is a chant
&. »

Experiments in Revision, Part 3

Lisa McCool-Grime
Senior Poetry Editor
In this series we have thus far presented a long, action-loaded rough draft and then a total scrap-and-revise, tanka-inspired revision. This week’s installment is a list. »



Why I’ve got today
This niggling feeling
Like I’m The Principled Nazi
Lieutenant With a Conscience defending
A downed RAF pilot
Of pure shamrock Irish stare
(And this for fookin’ nuthin’:
He’ll die, of course he will,. »

Experiments in Revision, Part 2

Lisa McCool-Grime
Senior Poetry Editor
Tanka is a Japanese form that can be roughly approximated in English with five lines using a syllabic pattern of 5-7-5-7-7. When I first began working with. »



Poetry by Whitnee Thorp

On Sundays we’d go over,
my grandmother and I, to see her ex-husband,
my grandfather, at his apartment a block away from ours.
On Sundays, the typewriter
would be in the. »

Experiments in Revision, Part 1

Severine Bourguignon burns: "...the process of making art, and the interaction with people, is more important than keeping it as a precious object." -John Brown, Sculptor

Lisa McCool-Grime
Senior Poetry Editor
In 2007, I was visiting my friend Owen at his art show: portraits on the grandest scale done in aerosol on 8′ x 8′ panels. It was. »

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Meet at the Gate, the web site of Canongate Publishing House, has this to say, "This is how we discover that the youth of today is not all shoot-'em-up gun- (or knife-) totin' hooligans. It’s great to see that there are a huge number of young adults who are seeking each other out - complete strangers - to try and establish an understanding with one another to create a more emotionally- and creatively-connected world."

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