Action in Art

by Ariel Baron-Robbins

Untitled from Ariel Baron-Robbins on Vimeo.

Process statement: In my drawings and photographs, I continue to explore how to depict movement; I want to know what the process of drawing looks like visually from the outside. I turn my body into the drawn mark and use its dance-like motion as an abstracting tool to discuss new interpretations on figure drawing. In my short video pieces, I eliminated the marks but keep the physical action because I want to focus on body movement. The mark itself is essentially only a by-product of action, but the action is fleeting, unless trapped by some sort of recording device. If I don’t make a mark, I can still make an action and perhaps that action can stand in for the mark.

You can check out the artist’s web site here.


title: Covered in Charcoal
dimensions: 18″ x 22″
medium: ink jet print
year: 2009

title:  I am in a Troublesome Situation
dimensions: 12.5″ x 16″
medium: ink and collage on paper
year: 2009

Ariel Baron-Robbins is an emerging artist currently living in Tampa, Florida where she is pursuing her Master of Fine Arts. In her career as an artist she has had five solo exhibitions and has been involved in numerous group exhibitions.  She is currently showing with the collective [5]art in their West Tampa gallery.  One of her pieces was recently selected to be in the 2008 National North American Graduate Art Survey at the University of Minnesota.  She has been selected to exhibit in all three of the Florida Art Consortium Juried Exhibitions (FLO-Cas). Originally from Oxford, Mississippi, where she received her BFA in painting/drawing, she has traveled to eight countries not including the United States.  She has participated in Study Abroad programs in Italy, England, and France and lives in London and New York City during the summer holidays. d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

3 comments for “Action in Art

  1. Paula Temple
    October 3, 2009 at 7:59 am

    That is great Ariel, I am very proud of you. I am going to print this out and post it on our alumni bulletin board.



  2. Joyce Howell
    November 11, 2009 at 7:38 am

    Wonderful innovative work, Ariel, I’m glad that the Las Damas de Arte scholarships could help you achieve it. I have sent it on to our members. Joyce Howell

  3. August 12, 2010 at 3:03 am

    The death of Kurt does even now hurt so very much and his songs is still contemporary. He could have composed so quite a few wonderful songs, if he had not been sick. But here is obvious: genius and madness are close together. 1 may well say if he had not been so ill, he would not are actually so good. I miss him even now.

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