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E is for Edifice

by Ashaki M. Jackson

E is for Edifice:

this structure of bones. Pelvic curves and vertebrae, requisite arches of its entrance.
Imagine lovers dripping off warm beds. Slack-jawed.

Getting Snipped

By Ted Cox It must have been two-for-one vasectomy night. During the day, the clinic is usually brimming with apprehensive-looking teenage girls and young women. But that late in the evening, it was all men with their wives or girlfriends.…


by Jason Cook That Don Henley song is playing and all the guys at the bar in their navy pea coats with collars popped high up are cheering and ordering beer in bottles not on tap and the girls at…


by Jessica Bodford The cell was cold. It was always so, but as she stared out from behind her long bangs she wondered whether it was the darkness that seemed to bring with it yet another surge of icy misery.…

The End of the World

by Michael Meyerhofer Actually, it’s farting cows that’ll kill us, claims an ecology professor at the party passing around joints and Heineken. Think of all those cattle ranches out there, two billion cows planted hoof-deep, blossoming into T-bones and burgers,…

Worlds Away

by Reuben Hayslett Markus sits on the edge of my bed on night in January. His bulky arms stretch down to his pale work-rough hands, resting on his knees. I’m sitting next to him. He stares down at his shoes.…

Camp Green Cove for Girls

Fiction by Julia Phillips

The old man’s dog kept barking. I called to Alex and we swam to each other and kissed, our mouths tasting like lake water. The dog swam over too and circled us… “Anya?” I called. She shouted, “This is the first really crazy thing I have ever done!”

Everything In Her Mind Leans To Her

by Madeleine Barnes

Your mother cannot remember you.
To her, you are an alabaster queen,
snakeskin and sundials, mineral crown.

She believes in circles, wedding bands,
orbits, covered your palace columns
in hoops and wreaths. Porcelain centaur,
ruby mermaid. Each became hers, so, yours.