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The Negative

Poetry by S. Wilson Collins

Since junior high I watched
the gym rats toss iron

in the room with mirrors
for walls –
where weights whirr


Poetry by Juris Edgars

We collapsed like gods: turned over on our sides, heaving up
the belief we had in ourselves. We woke one morning
and became aware that we only believed that we believed,
and then just laid there.

Megan Hildebrandt Talks Art, Humor, and Cancer at 25

Being diagnosed with cancer and experiencing chemotherapy at age 25 dramatically changed the priorities and course of my work. Prior to this illness, I made narrative-based images about local history and my neighbors. Now, the stories in the work have emerged directly from my own body and memory, and the history is my own lifespan.


Poetry by Shannon Eddy

The best meatloaf sandwiches
Are cut in threes,

Sectioned off pie charts
To be eaten,

Under stone trees
Pre-staged stages,


Poetry by Stacie Leatherman

The current had arrested me,
strong arms around the waist. It’s slow panic
to be the quiet, steady, struggling thing
in the water, eyes slits like the sunset behind,
like a bear whose floes have all melted except one.

Ground Control to The Splinter Generation

by Scott Miller Like the famed Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity, this little project we call The Splinter Generation is rapidly approaching the fourthyear of its six-month projected lifetime. Once an experiment in literary community service, we have burgeoned into…

Vanessa Franking

Vanessa Franking lives in the Lake Tahoe area. Vanessa received her B.S in Electrical Engineering from the University of Memphis, then headed west, returning only for family visits and BBQ. After a short career in the computer world, Vanessa returned…

Karly Roberts

Karly Roberts is passionate about various art forms, but due to the constraints of reality, she’s only studying one at a time. She is working toward an MFA in Creative Writing, concentrating on creative nonfiction at Antioch University. She currently…

Heather Luby

Heather Luby grew up in the Ozarks and proudly considers herself a literary hillbilly. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Word Riot, Bartleby Snopes, Halfway Down the Stairs, The Citron Review, Travel by the Books, and Annotation Nation.…


Poetry by Phillip B. Williams

Riding home, I spotted a wolf
dead on the road’s shoulder, a streak
of blood gossiped that it had been dragged
from the highway’s flat, black portal and back
onto the thin dimension splitting asphalt and forest.

Id Entity

by Scott Miller I was having dinner recently with a trusted collaborator who said to me (I am paraphrasing here): “The difference between journalism and blogging is that you can be more raw, less polished, even a caricature of some…