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Poetry by Ginger Ko

I was whistling for Mint to drive the goats back to the pen,
Brushing off mud splattered on the back of my legs
When your father called to tell me you were coming home.
Two weeks later I flew in and drove from the airport
To Jefferson and 55th, mounting and dismounting
The freeway clover knots in the warp and weft of the city.

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Poetry by Saeed Jones

It Means Something Different in Arabic
for Terrance Hayes

Once, I threw a towel over my head and pretended I was Mary.
My aunt told me that pretending was blasphemy. A burnt cross
lit in my chest that day, but they say my name
first appeared in reluctantly opened love letters .

I sent the doctor a sexy poem

Poetry by Kate Dougherty

Was Katie’s skirt black or blue, and did it fit her
Bananas make Katie gag
when they’re mushy. I should eat every brown
banana. Every brown banana spooning
its partners soft and sweet.


by Judie Gonsalves

It’s another endless silence
in the vacuousness between
front and back seat.
Despite the music on the radio
we hear nothing
(sounds have masks as well).

Urban Throat

by Anirban Acharya

The central city poems, slightly
curved at their edges, imagine
how the cattle keep moaning
sculpted in the habitual sun.

E is for Edifice

by Ashaki M. Jackson

E is for Edifice:

this structure of bones. Pelvic curves and vertebrae, requisite arches of its entrance.
Imagine lovers dripping off warm beds. Slack-jawed.

The End of the World

by Michael Meyerhofer Actually, it’s farting cows that’ll kill us, claims an ecology professor at the party passing around joints and Heineken. Think of all those cattle ranches out there, two billion cows planted hoof-deep, blossoming into T-bones and burgers,…

Everything In Her Mind Leans To Her

by Madeleine Barnes

Your mother cannot remember you.
To her, you are an alabaster queen,
snakeskin and sundials, mineral crown.

She believes in circles, wedding bands,
orbits, covered your palace columns
in hoops and wreaths. Porcelain centaur,
ruby mermaid. Each became hers, so, yours.