A poem by Cara Dorris

School taught you they’re sad plants,
the only tissued ones
to never seed or flower,
never bloom.

Action in Art

by Ariel Baron-Robbins

In my drawings and photographs, I continue to explore how to depict movement; I want to know what the process of drawing looks like visually from the outside. I turn my body into the drawn mark and use its dance-like motion as an abstracting tool to discuss new interpretations on figure drawing. In my short video pieces, I eliminated the marks but keep the physical action because I want to focus on body movement. The mark itself is essentially only a by-product of action, but the action is fleeting, unless trapped by some sort of recording device. If I don’t make a mark, I can still make an action and perhaps that action can stand in for the mark.

Rooming with Your Bones

A poem by Heather Gustine

When they asked at the post office what you wanted
with a skeleton, you said you were studying
the human form. When they said, What?
The girlfriend’s not enough? you laughed,
and now request that I take care of it

The Death of Kelsey Moore

Fiction by Ryan Napier

PLANT CITY—Amid ongoing legal battles, Kayleigh Moore will give her first live, televised interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show Friday, more than a year after the disappearance of her daughter Kelsey made national headlines. The special episode will air tomorrow at 4pm on WFLA-TV Newschannel 8, the Tribune’s sister station.