Personal growth

Poetry by Rick Hale

It began with a lemon tree.
I broke its pot and put it outside
right next to my house.

A whole jungle lunged up around it.

I used to be able to recognize it
in the jaguar shade of the tree line.
I used to walk up and kiss its bark,
smell its leaves, eat its fruit.

But this morning I watched it jump
from the ground and run on root-tip
straight back into that ever-expanding jungle.

I followed it.

All day today, I have hunted mud-smeared lemons.
All day, I have spoken with the natives of this jungle.
I have found only snakes.
Tomorrow I will start my day like a chainsaw.


Rick Hale is currently pursuing an English degree at Michigan State University and working for The State News. His work has been previously published by the MSU Press through The Offbeat. He is a member of Loune, an East Lansing-based independent band.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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