Splintered / Confessional Pt. II: “Confessions”

We have decided to print Anthony Frame’s poem “Confessions” in parallel with Jessie Carty’s poem “Arrested”, since we find a kind of natural dialogue arises between them.  We present them under the moniker SplinteredConfessional.

-The Editors


“There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide.”
-Albert Camus, Myth of Sisyphus

I would look terrible in my Rasta-
farina hat. The rainbow wig, bloated
with dreadful black hair, drowns my head.


I need to talk about my mom or else
this won’t be a real confessional poem.

She subscribes to rotating ideologies
as if they were Good Housekeeping or Redbook.


A tilde is an estimate, a sigh in drop D tuning,
and a translation
of waking up to
a wave of whispers.


I want to write
a poem where
Jesus goes to
Venus (Elton
John’s Jesus –
not my father’s)
but this science
confuses me.


I swore I would never confess in poetry. When chaos kills itself, I might stop breaking promises.


Chaos Theory makes meaning

from everything. White space makes the most sense to me.

But it will melt, too.

Anthony Frame

Anthony Frame is an exterminator who lives in Toledo, OH with his wife and their spoiled cat. His poems have been published in or are forthcoming from La Fovea, Conte OnlineVersal, Perigee, Connecticut River Review and Shakespeare’s Monkey Revue, among others. He is also co-editor of the online journal,Glass: A Journal of Poetry. He likes bad TV and even worse music. You can google him, but god only knows what you’ll find.

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