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The Trials and Triumphs of Editing

By Scott

Greetings from the Poetry department!

We’re coming to the end of what quickly became our largest submission cycle ever. To those of you still waiting for a response, I promise we are working as hard as we can…

It would be a lot easier if most of the submissions sucked. Unfortunately, you folks are pretty damn good poets.
. »

Scott Miller

By Xochitl

Scott Miller was born in Philadelphia, PA, in 1978, under the sign of the Lion. He holds a degree in Mathematics from MIT and remains a software developer even as he pursues a writing career, in an effort to achieve the elusive left-brain/right-brain balance (or is it to evade madness?). In 2008, he completed an. »

Ground Control to The Splinter Generation

By Scott

by Scott Miller Like the famed Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity, this little project we call The Splinter Generation is rapidly approaching the fourthyear of its six-month projected lifetime. Once an experiment in literary community service, we have burgeoned into a full-scale journal. Some people might be happy to sit back and admire the achievement,. »

Id Entity

By Scott

by Scott Miller I was having dinner recently with a trusted collaborator who said to me (I am paraphrasing here): “The difference between journalism and blogging is that you can be more raw, less polished, even a caricature of some aspect of yourself”. Like Ginsberg, right? First thought, best thought? I had decided to give. »

Splinter Readings and Music at Avenue 50 in Los Angeles

By Seth

The Splinter Generation is excited to invite you to our latest event celebrating the newest metamorphosis of our site from one-time collection to ongoing live journal. Since the summer we have been working hard to bring you new and exciting literary and visual material that represents our generation, and now it’s time to step away. »

About The Splinter Generation

The Splinter Generation is a place by and for people born between 1973 and 1993. It's a venue for writers, artists and musicians from all different backgrounds to tell the story of our generation. More on us here.

Meet at the Gate, the web site of Canongate Publishing House, has this to say, "This is how we discover that the youth of today is not all shoot-'em-up gun- (or knife-) totin' hooligans. It’s great to see that there are a huge number of young adults who are seeking each other out - complete strangers - to try and establish an understanding with one another to create a more emotionally- and creatively-connected world."

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