Artist Laura Bell And The “Playful Orchestra of Movement, Sound, and Color”



Artist statement: I use the process of oil painting to help myself define the ways in which I form my sense of reality. There is a fine line between what is actually known and what we act upon as knowledge; this fine line is often blurred by the role of our imaginations. I attempt to take the subconscious blending of sensations and represent them visually in a way that reflects how the imagine has played with and reconfigured the sensations given. I tend to play with various styles, although the ideas behind the paintings are similar. The following collection of paintings specifically deals with imagining both music and the body: how does the body respond to music, how do intricate biological interactions allow us to perceive and appreciate music, how do we visually imagine music, and perhaps can movement also be imagined as music itself? I want to present the idea of the biological body as a playful orchestra of movement, sound, and color.


In order of appearance:
“Musical Drip” Oil on Canvas (24″x36″) (sold/NFS)
“Electronic” Oil on Canvas (36″x36″)
“Body Sound” Oil on Canvas (16″x40″)

Artist Website:

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